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Guide to Facebook Success:

The Perfect Campaign Set Up for eCommerce Brands.

Developing a winning social media strategy is no longer guess-work.
Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, brands can now track, measure and optimise audiences [at an individual level] through to conversion faster than ever before. Infratech has developed a core set of always-on campaigns & strategies that maximise reach, awareness, site traffic and sales. These include:

    Re-engagers site visitors across social media with the exact products they looked at. The common formats for Dynamic Product Retargeting are Carousel or Collection ad units, enabling us to showcase a wide-variety of products that customers' have expressed interest in. This messaging and copy for these ads should be very 'direct response' and sales focused [given they are already aware of your brand & have been to your site] e.g 'first purchase discount', 'buy now pay later', 'spend X get Y' etc., 

    Targeting prospective audiences demonstrating a high propensity to buy your product(s). Three key ad formats are required, ensuring we're able to reach the same users no matter what platform they are on. Messaging for these campaigns should be aspirational; 'New', 'Experience' and 'Discover' driven. The sizes needed include:

    - Facebook Newsfeed; 1200x628 (inc. Messenger)
    - Instagram Newsfeed; 600x600
    - Instagram Stories; 1080x1920

    Video has quickly risen to be one of the most powerful forms of online media. Brands can now capture the interest of audiences based on how long they watch a video for (dwell time); no click, tap or swipe required - a strong measure of success in a world where only a small percentage of internet users click on ads. 

    - Newsfeed; 600x600
    - Stories; 1080x1920
    To bridge the gap between people's online and offline shopping journeys. This format helps retailers drive store visits, sales and other valuable actions at their physical shop locations.

    The ability to directly link marketing inputs to in-store sales has long been the Holy Grail for traditional marketers. The brands that are keeping pace with consumers have successfully been able to tap into Facebook's reach, efficacy and powerful targeting tools to establish a seamless link between Facebook advertising and direct offline retail sales.


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