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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the process of improving how search engines like Google interpret and rank your website when people search for it or the products you sell. Optimising your website ensures you're found when people search for you, and over time leads to an uplift in organic (or unpaid) exposure, traffic, and sales.

The Discipline

SEO is a complex and specialised discipline. In order to reach the first page of Google, a number of criteria need to be met and working in unison, including:

On-Site SEO

  • Website Architecture and Structure
  • Device Optimisation
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Heading Tags, Images, URL

Off-Site SEO

  • Content Marketing (Blogging/ Email Automation)
  • 'Google My Business' Listings, Google Site Validation
  • Social Channel Alignment
    SEO is an ongoing process and can take time to see results;  Google requires engagement data to establish the credibility of the link and how well it aligns with each search term. A strong strategy is required that involves regular work on the website.

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    Located in APAC and servicing customers globally, Rockaway Digital specialises in SEO and improving organic search rankings. We provide a range of services including consultation, strategy development and execution. Our in depth knowledge of Google ensures you're set up for success.  For a free consultation on how SEO can help your business, get in touch.