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attributing online sales

Just because someone didn’t click on your ad, doesn’t mean it didn’t have an impact. The digital industry accredits success to advertising based on ad clicks and ad exposure.

When people interact with your Facebook, Instagram or Google ads, and click directly on that ad before making a purchase, this is called a Post-Click Conversion:

Conversely, Post-View Conversions are sales attributed to your ads as a result of people seeing your advertising, without clicking on it:

The period between that first click or exposure, and the sale, is called a ‘lookback-’, ‘conversion-’ or ‘attribution-window’. The length of a brands attribution window should be reflective of the length of the average users’ path to purchase.

The default attribution-windows for Facebook are:

28-days post-click
7-days post-view

And for Google:

30-days post-click
7-days post-view

In 2009 when comscore reported that 8% of internet users accounted for 85% of all clicks, post-view conversions quickly became a key proxy for understanding true impact of online advertising.