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How to: Win with Facebook & Google Ads on Shopify

How to: Win with Facebook & Google Ads on Shopify

Connecting with new and existing customers online has never been easier thanks to Facebook and Google Advertising. Combined, these two behemoths command 90% of the average households user attention online.

What many people don't realise, is that beyond Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, these platforms have ad-networks that allow them to extend their data well beyond their own sites to help advertisers reach high-value customers across the far reaches of the web.

The data derived from user engagement has reached a point of critical mass, empowering these platforms with that ability to accurately predict what a person wants long before they know it (recently thought Facebook was listening to your conversions?!). The only platforms that are able to achieve this level of sophistication are ones which most consumers regularly spend time on a daily basis; Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

So how to make sense of it all? You will need to dive deep into Google and Facebook's suite of advanced advertising tools including a Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, Ads Manager and Google Merchant Centre account. Collectively integrated with your Shopify store, you are able to power live product feeds across 99% of the web and apps, ensuring you’re able to stay top of top-of-mind and nurture prospective customers through to conversion faster.

The Facebook and Google ad platforms offer necessarily complex features to ensure we're able to achieve understandably complex outcomes. On average we achieve an 8-12x return on ad spend within 4-6 weeks. Your budget is entirely discretionary as you dictate a monthly budget. We operate on a monthly retainer basis with no break clause.

If you’re a Shopify SMB digital marketer and understandably time-poor, get in touch to find out how we’ll make your life easy. You’ve only got something to gain from someone who’s done exactly what you’re about to be doing.