Rockaway Digital™

Our Company

Experienced, Reliable & Effective.

Our Company

Experienced, Reliable & Effective.

Who We Are

We are a highly skilled team of digital marketers with over 10+ years experience driving online sales for leading global enterprises.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and servicing brands across Europe, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, Rockaway Digital helps enterprise Shopify and eCommerce brands navigate the increasingly complex modern digital landscape.

We strive to exceed our partners expectations by delivering exceptional outcomes; our experience across the publisher, ad network agency and programmatic industries has given us the perspective and capability to develop, recommend, and implement bespoke and methodical solutions that deliver tangible results.

We take a hands-on approach and work closely with your sales and marketing teams to ensure everyone’s able to track, measure, and optimise audiences and sales. If you’re looking for a marketing partner to help you learn and get more out of your online advertising, then Rockaway Digital is the agency for you.

“To achieve growth, advertisers need experience, transparency, and insight. That’s what Rockaway Digital does every single day across every region, client and channel we partner with”

Charles Lange - CEO

Our Beliefs

We understand everything online is measurable, and we harness that to help our partners achieve a greater understanding of their audience. We strive to identify each brand’s unique differences and align them with data and targeting to increase traffic, leads, and sales.

There has been a rapid shift in consumer purchasing habits online; platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google have created new opportunities for brands to connect with customers on a one-to-one basis. Big brands and SMBs alike have now been given an equal playing field to deliver curated customer experiences online.

We can now predict a person’s propensity to buy something long before the purchase is made. These highly accessible, scalable, and measurable tools have fostered an ecosystem where digital advertising is so relevant, it’s scary. As customers adapt to this and platforms grow smarter, we believe the ‘scary’ will become ‘helpful’, reminding users of why they’re choosing the best alternative. 

We take a technology agnostic approach, ensuring we’re able to reach customers no matter what platform or device they’re on.

We support businesses across all verticals and technology stacks.

In a very murky digital world, we stand firmly by our ethos to be:

Transparent. Experienced. Insightful..